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Adolphus: Huck's name when the King pretends to be the British brother of Peter Wilks. Levi Bell: The lawyer who tries to ascertain the true heirs to the Wilks's fortune. Rev. Elexander Blodgett: The false name the King uses when addressing Tim Collins, the young man bound for Orleans who tells the King everything about the Wilks family. Boggs: A drunk man who insults Colonel Sherburn and is later killed by him. The action takes place in the same town where the Duke and the King put on their Shakespearean show. Tim Collins: A young man who reveals the entire story about the Wilks's fortune to the King. The Dauphin: See The King Widow Douglas: The widow who takes Huck into her home and tries to "civilize" him. It is her home that he leaves when Pap kidnaps him and takes him to the log cabin. The Duke: The younger of the two con men and the man who invents the Royal Nonesuch. He is later tarred and feathered in Pikesville. Huckleberry Finn: The main character of the story. He runs away and travels down the Mississippi River on a raft with a runaway slave, Jim, as his companion. Bob Grangerford: A son of Col. Grangerford. Buck Grangerford: The youngest son of Col. Grangerford who becomes good friends with Huck but is later killed in the feud. Miss Charlotte Grangerford: A daughter of Col. Grangerford. Col. Grangerford: The father of the Grangerford house and the man who invites Huck to live with the family. He is killed in the feud. Emmeline Grangerford: A daughter of the Grangerford's. She passed away before Huck's arrival, but used to create wonderful paintings and poetry. Miss Sophia Grangerford: The daughter of Col. Grangerford who runs off with Harney Shepherdson and rekindles the feud. Tom Grangerford: The eldest son of the Grangerford family. Buck Harkness: The man who starts rallying a mob to kill Colonel Sherburn after Sherburn shoots and kills Boggs. Joe Harper: A member of Tom's robber band. George Jackson: The false name Huck uses when he lives with the Grangerford's. Jim: A runaway slave who accompanies Huck Finn down the Mississippi River. The King: The elder of the two con men with whom Huck is forced to travel. He plays the naked man in the Royal Nonesuch and is the man who sells Jim as a runaway slave. He is later tarred and feathered along with the Duke. Mrs. Judith Loftus: The woman whom Huck visits to gather news while pretending to be a girl. She tells him that she suspects Jim is hiding on Jackson's Island. Huck barely has time to get back to Jim and get them both off the island. Sally Phelps: Tom Sawyer's aunt. She is married to Silas Phelps and initially mistakes Huck for Tom Sawyer. Silas Phelps: Tom Sawyer's uncle, and the farmer who purchases Jim from the King for forty dollars. Aunt Polly: Tom's aunt who shows up at the end to find out what tricks Tom has been playing on her kinfolk. She reveals the true identities of Tom and Huck to her sister and spoils their attempt to steal Jim out of slavery by explaining he is already free. Doctor Robinson: The only man who recognizes that the King and Duke are frauds when they try to pretend to be British. He warns the town but they ignore him. Ben Rogers: A member of Tom's robber band. Sid Sawyer: Tom Sawyer's younger brother. Tom pretends to be Sid while he and Huck Finn are living with Sally Phelps. Tom Sawyer: Huck Finn's best friend. Tom loves make believe games and sets up a band of robbers. Later he and Huck live together with Tom's Aunt Sally and Huck pretends to be Tom while Tom pretends to be his younger brother Sid. Harney Shepherdson: The young man who runs away with Miss Sophia Grangerford. Colonel Sherburn: Colonel Sherburn Judge Thatcher: An eminent citizen in the town who is respected and well-liked. He fights to protect Huck's money when Pap returns to claim Huck and steal his money. Jim Turner: One of the robbers on the shipwrecked steamboat. Miss Watson: The sister of the Widow Douglas. She tries to teach Huck how to read and write properly. Jim is her slave. He runs away from her after hearing that she wanted to sell him to a trader from down south. Harvey Wilks: The British brother of Peter Wilks whom the King impersonates until the real Harvey Wilks arrives. Joanna Wilks: The youngest daughter of the deceased George Wilks, she is distinguishable by her harelip. Mary Jane Wilks: The eldest daughter of the deceased George Wilks, a red-headed girl whom Huck starts to fall in love with. She becomes convinced that the King is her real uncle and not a fraud until Huck tells her the truth. Peter Wilks: The dead man whose brother the King impersonates. Susan Wilks: The second eldest daughter of the deceased George Wilks. William Wilks: The British brother of Peter Wilks whom the Duke impersonates until the real William Wilks arrives.